Palestinian Children Protest Israeli Occupation

Palestinian children are staging a protest today to call for the end to violence in Gaza and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

After four more Palestinians were injured and an Israeli soldier was killed in last week’s March of Return protests, Palestinian children are protesting the decades-long occupation of their homeland and the deaths of their friends and families.

An Israeli soldier was killed during a skirmish at the Israel-Gaza border fence on Friday, July 20.

It is the first casualty sustained by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) since the Great March of Return protests began at the end of March, while at least 140 Palestinians have been killed and some 14,000 more have been injured.

A tenuous ceasefire has been agreed to by both sides following the soldier’s death and the injury of four more Palestinians.

All this comes as Gaza reels after the worst bombing it has endured since the war in 2014; a bombing which resulted in the deaths of two Palestinian teenagers.

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The children have gathered near the Israeli-controlled Beit Hanoun checkpoint under the direction of the National Commission for the Great March of Return.

Even bedridden children who are very ill came out to show their support for the end of the occupation, carrying flags and photos of their deceased friends and family members.

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“We are here to demand the lift of the siege and the right of treatment as well as a decent life for people in Gaza,”  — Ibrahim al-Masri

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Out of the nearly 150 Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli forces, at least 20 of them were children.

The United Nations has repeatedly condemned Israel for its display of unrestrained violence at its border with Gaza and has called for an investigation into the conduct of its military forces.

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Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow the situation in Gaza as it unfolds.



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