Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

Yemenis Are Being Killed By American Bombs

Millions of Yemenis continue to suffer as the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition drops American-made bombs.


Millions of Yemenis continue to suffer as the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition drops American-made bombs.

The people of Yemen are in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with at least one million individuals infected with cholera and millions more facing starvation amidst famine conditions.

Multiple humanitarian and medical organizations have been targeted by the coalition, many of which have been bombed and rendered unusable.

The coalition has also recently targeted Yemen’s key port city of Hodeidah, further crippling the already devastated economy and further restricting the ability of humanitarian aid groups to deliver critical supplies.

Despite the fact that U.S. soldiers have a very limited physical presence in Yemen, this war could not be waged without American support.

The coalition relies not only on U.S. weapons sales, including bombs, but also on critical refueling capabilities for their bombers, a services which is also provided by the U.S. military.

And while the president of the U.S. insists on alienating himself and this nation from all of our closest allies, he enjoys an excellent relationship with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.

Similarly, the president has connections with the United Arab Emirates that have caught the eye of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Both countries are leading the assault on Yemen and both rely on the U.S. to do it.

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Eight million people are already facing starvation — a third of the population — and if the war continues, it is estimated that another 10 million will face the same fate.

The most frustrating part of all of it is that those people will not starve for a lack of food, but rather because the war has so devastated the economy and the infrastructure of the nation that people either cannot afford food or cannot afford to go to a place where food is available.

These people are starving, suffering, and dying for no reason other than an inability to afford and access aid, and if the U.S. were to discontinue its support for the coalition it is more than likely that the coalition would be unable to sustain its assault against the Yemeni people.

As we get closer to the November elections its important to question candidates on their support for the country’s support of this devastating war, as well as their stance on the requirements for the authorization of military force and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

There is a bipartisan effort to rewrite the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that was drafted in the months immediately following the September 11 attacks and which paved the way for our nearly decades-long presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the administration’s strategic gutting of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program has targeted Yemeni refugees and asylum-seekers, leaving them with the bleak options of attempting to seek asylum elsewhere or to return to their war-torn homeland.

Make sure to demand explicit answers in response to these issues that can actually be used to hold these candidates to account later on.

We recommend listening to Jane Ferguson’s exclusive three-part series on PBS News Hour, which gives excellent, detailed explanations of the conflict, its impacts on the people, and the role the U.S. has played so far.

You can also listen to an interview with Ferguson on DemocracyNow! for interesting insight into Ferguson’s experience and her views on the conflict and its combatants.

Finally, you can support Yemenis directly by donating to the Yemen Peace Project.




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