Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

Gaza Suffers After Worst Bombing Since 2014

The people of Gaza are recovering from the worst bombing against them since the war in 2014.


The people of Gaza are recovering from the worst bombing against them since the war in 2014.

Last Saturday, Israeli forces unleashed a bombing assault against the Gaza Strip that resulted in at least 30 injuries and the deaths of two teenage boys.

Fifteen year old Ami al-Nimri and 16-year-old Luay Kaheel were playing on a roof when the bombing started, and both were killed.

“He went to play and eat with his friend. He didn’t have a rocket or a bomb. He told me, ‘I will go out for lunch with my friend Luay.’ They are close friends from school. They hang out after school. And they were killed together.”  — Maysoun al-Namara, mother of Amir al-Nimri

The assault was in retaliation to rockets that were fired from Gaza towards Israel and which resulted in four injuries.

At this point, Israeli forces have killed at least 136 Palestinians and have wounded more than 14,000 since the nonviolent Great March of Return protests began March 30.

Following the exchange, a ceasefire was brokered between Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the Israeli military.

All this comes as the Israeli Knesset has approved a measure that would prohibit groups critical of the Israeli military from entering schools.

“I can promise that we’re going to do whatever we can to fight against this dangerous government. And I’m pretty sure that the students that heard us last year and the principals and teachers that invited us will continue to do that and support our work. And as long as there will be an occupation, there will be soldiers who choose to speak out against it.”  — Avner Gvaryahu, executive director of Breaking the Silence

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