Israel to Expand Illegal Settlements

Israeli soldiers have been caught on video assaulting Palestinians who refused to leave their village, which Israel plans to demolish.

The village, which is home to 180 people, is marked for demolition by the Israeli government so that it can expand its illegal, Jewish-only settlements.

The video footage shows Israeli soldiers kicking, punching, and dragging men, women, and children, leaving 35 wounded.

Despite the fact that the United Nations has repeatedly denounced the settlements as a violation of international law, the Israeli government continues to evict Palestinians from their homes only to claim them for themselves.

These latest evictions come as the Great March of Return enters its fifth consecutive month after the first protest on March 30.

Palestinians have been gathering for peaceful protests at the fence which separates Israel and Gaza each Friday to advocate for their return to their homeland.

Thus far, the Israeli government has killed at least 124 Palestinians and injured another 14,000 amid the recurring demonstrations, including multiple health workers and children.

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