Pompeo’s Return to North Korea

North Korea is ramping up its nuclear production even as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo prepares to return for another meeting with Chairman Kim.

The president said Sunday that the historic agreement he and Chairman Kim signed last month may not “work out.”

His comments come as multiple news outlets have reported that North Korea is expanding a ballistic missile site and has increased production of enriched uranium.

The White House reports that Pompeo will depart for North Korea this Thursday, and that a team of U.S. officials led by envoy Sung Kim has already spoken with North Korean officials Sunday at the Panmunjom peace village.

In response to critics’ claims that the June 12 agreement was not specific enough in its demands, the administration has said that it will deliver a detailed list of tasks necessary to start the denuclearization process.

All of this comes as open source satellite imagery from April 1 and June 29 shows expansion at a North Korean ballistic missile production facility.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the majority of construction took place in May and June, just as Chairman Kim was engaging with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Contrary to our president’s claims that he had put an end to the North Korean nuclear threat, it appears that things are just beginning to heat up.

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