The People versus The President

Tens of thousands of Americans rallied and marched in hundreds of cities in every state across the country to protest against the administration’s immigration policy and the ban against predominantly Muslim countries.

The overwhelming attendance at these protests across the nation show that the vast majority of the American people are opposed to the administration’s current approach to immigration, outlining the ever-increasing divide between the American people and the United States government.

Although the main focus of the protests was the administration’s immigration policy, a great deal of the protests also took time to highlight the separation of Muslim families under the administration’s infamous “Muslim Ban,” which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court.

Iron Triangle Press was at one of these protest events, and although we’re based in a traditionally blue state, it’s much more purple in reality.

While the county voted overwhelmingly liberal in both the 2016 election as well as in the most recent primaries, there has always been a close-knit red-leaning community here, too.

And just as in so many other places, recent political developments have strengthened that red-leaning community and have highlighted the long-hidden dissension that exists in our city.


Bill Clark of Pro Bono Photography

While the vast majority of folks who passed by the protesters in their cars honked in support or gave protesters an enthusiastic thumbs-up, there was certainly a handful of people who gave thumbs-down, who booed, who shook their heads in disgust as they drove by.

One young man on a bicycle took to riding in circles around a group of protesters lined up along the main intersection shouting, “Roseanne Barr, Roseanne Barr!”

Families Belong Together Rally

Bill Clark of Pro Bono Photography

Thankfully, though, none of the confrontations between the counter-protesters and those marching became violent.

The most high-tension moment was when an older man driving a Jaguar coupe gave a vehement thumbs-down to protesters, one of whom — a Latinx woman with a sign reading “We Deserve to Be Heard” — ran up behind his car while he was at a stoplight and waved the sign in his rear-view mirror.

Even in the 100-degree heat people managed to keep their cool, and the overall feeling was one of impassioned resistance and purpose, of unity in the face of a common threat.

Our community is one that has relied on the labor of immigrants more than most, and deportation raids are not only an everyday reality, but a serious economic concern.


Chants of “Abolish I.C.E.” and “Where Are the Girls” echoed through the streets and signs reading “Give Back the Children,” and “Melania, We Care” were legion.

Elderly folks sat in the shade with signs taped to their walkers while mothers pushed around strollers with signs taped to the side — each and every generation was present and all of them demanded in a single voice, “Families Belong Together.”

Families Belong Together Rally

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