Officer Who Killed Antwon Rose Charged with Criminal Homicide

As protesters continue to organize around 17-year-old Antwon Rose’s murder, Officer Michael Rosfeld has been charged with criminal homicide for shooting the teen multiple times as he ran away from police.

Steve Zappala, Allegheny County’s district attorney, has said that he believes his office has a strong case to argue for first degree murder.

“I find that Rosfeld’s actions were intentional. He was not acting to prevent death or serious bodily injury.”  — Zappala

Rose, like so many other black men murdered by the police, was unarmed and had his back to police when he was shot three times.

As we all know, Rose is not the first young man of color to be gunned down by the police for literally no reason whatsoever.

In March of this year, for example, Stephon Clark was brutally gunned down in his grandmother’s backyard by police who were looking for a car burglary suspect and thought the cell phone in Clark’s hand was a weapon.

And then, in April, a white man entered a Nashville, Tennessee Waffle House and killed four young people of color.

And of course that doesn’t even begin to cover the slew of police killings that have happened in the past, like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, or Andy Lopez — and the list goes on.

Yes, it’s excellent that they’ve decided to charge this officer with homicide, but forgive us for not celebrating until he’s convicted.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.

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