Five Killed in Maryland Newspaper Shooting

Five people were shot and killed today at the offices of the Capital Gazette in Maryland after a shooter entered the building and opened fire.

UPDATED 08:53 P.M. PST: The identities of the victims have been released — all were employees of the paper.

The suspect has been identified as Jarrod Warren Ramos.

Anne Arundel County Police have released the names of the five Capital Gazette employees who were killed in today’s shooting:

Wendi Winters (Special Publications), Rebecca Smith (Sales Assistant), Robert Hiaasen (Assistant Editor, News), Gerald Fischman (Editorial Page Editor), and John McNamara (Staff Writer).

Staff Writer Selene San Felice has risen to viral fame for her response to the president’s offer of thoughts and prayers.

“I have heard that President Trump sent his prayers. I’m not trying to make this political, alright? But we need more than prayers. I appreciate the prayers. I was praying the entire time I was under that desk. I want your prayers, but I want something else.”

And cable news network CNN has the internet ablaze for airing her criticism uncensored.

“I just don’t know what I want right now. Right? But I’m going to need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers, because … our whole lives have been shattered. And so thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a F— about them if there’s nothing else.”

Despite what some might call vulgarity or uncouthness, San Felice couldn’t be more spot on.

The people of this nation offer up their thoughts and prayers like a man who throws scraps to his dogs in the hopes that it will stave them off for awhile, long enough for him to enjoy his meal.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? The reason the “thoughts and prayers” are so empty, so trite, so infuriating?

It’s because they’re not for the survivors, and they’re not for the families that have been ruined, and they’re not even for the dead.

The people who do nothing but offer up their thoughts and prayers do so for the same reason the man throws scraps to his dog; they want it to go away.

They don’t think it will happen to them, or in their community, because it’s a tragedy and tragedies only happen to other people.

But when gun violence is so pandemic that the deaths outpace the days in the year there’s only so much time before it is you, and it is your community, because thoughts and prayers will not protect you from bullets.


A suspect police believe to be the shooter is in custody, although authorities report that it appears as though his fingerprints have been altered, necessitating his identification by facial recognition software.

Four of the five people killed were pronounced dead in the building, while the fifth passed away at a hospital.

It isn’t clear yet whether or not the paper was deliberately targeted, but it is a reality the industry has feared for many years.

In 2015, two members of a TV news crew were attacked and killed by a former employee while on air, sending shockwaves throughout the nation.

Threats against journalists have increased over the past few years, but actual violence against them in the U.S. has been rare.

Others have been taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.


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