Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces Retirement

The current administration will have the opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court justice as Anthony Kennedy announces his retirement.

This is a disaster. Truly. We cannot underscore enough just how damaging this will be for our country, our legal system, and our people.

We recently wrote a piece discussing the failure of the American people to protect the integrity of the Supreme Court as a nonpartisan legal institution and the consequences that will come as a result of our apathy — this is one of them.

Because the American people did not rise up in fury when Republican Senator Mitch McConnell blocked then President Barack Obama from exercising his presidential right to appoint a Supreme Court justice following the death of Antonin Scalia, we as a people handed the right-wing faction of our government to usurp control of the single most important judicial body in our nation.

And because justices generally serve for life, these are consequences that may not be mitigated in our lifetimes.

Soon, the nominations will start flooding in for the newest justice, and they will undoubtedly consist of a goose-bumps inducing cast of white collar criminals, con-men, and people whose interests generally lie with their pocketbooks rather than with the American people.

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