“Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”

That’s the title of NFL three-time Pro Bowler and longtime activist Michael Bennett’s book, which is available now.

Bennett has protested alongside blacklisted NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who rose to nationwide infamy following his decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem to protest police brutality against people of color.

“It’s so much bigger than just the police brutality. There are so many issues that are happening that people are not aware of. And a lot of people who watch football, they just kind of just think that when you’re in that world, none of that exists. So we wanted to make sure that even though we’re playing in this league and we’re able to do these things on Sunday and we’re these athletes who win and where we get injured, we still are people. And we still are connected to the things and the issues that are happening around us. It could be our family. It could be our sisters. It could be our mothers. But at the same time, we want to be able to bring their stories to life.”  — Bennett

You can purchase Bennett’s book at your local bookstore, or online at Amazon.com.

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