Westminster Shooter Displayed Horrific Depravity

The worst of humanity continues to manifest itself in the form of mass shootings — the latest is apparently the result of road rage.

A road rage incident that led to the death of a child.

Meghan Bigelow and two of her children were shot repeatedly by a 21-year-old man who approached one of the fallen children, only to shoot him again.

The boy died, and his mother and brother remain in critical condition.

The shooter also approached John Gale and his 9-year-old daughter, who were sitting in their car as the shooting unfolded before them.

The man fired multiple times into Gale’s vehicle, hitting him in the arm. Thankfully, Gale was able to maneuver his vehicle out of the parking lot to safety, and his daughter was not injured.

As Meghan Bigelow and one of her children bled in the hospital, and while one of her children died, her third child who had run to safety told police what the family had seen.

The man who had killed the child’s brother had been engaged with their mother in some kind of road rage incident prior to the shooting, prompting their mom to take a picture of the man’s license plate.

That picture was recovered from her phone and used to track down the young man who had just destroyed a family.

He was found on I-25 in Castle Rock, and although he had viciously shot down two adults and two children, killing one, he was given the blessing of being apprehended alive.

How does a person become so violent, so cruel, so heartless as to be able to shoot a child, much less to shoot that child again after already taking him down?

And why does America have so many people like him, this most recent murderer?

We’ve talked before about how the United States is not the only gun-loving country on earth, how it certainly isn’t the only country with high rates of mental illness, and how it still manages to be the only country not engaged in war to experience epidemic levels of gun deaths.

We’ve talked. And we’ve talked and we’ve talked and we’ve talked.

When will we act?


Westminster police have identified the suspect as 23-year-old Jeremy Webster and have reported that the incident was triggered by an episode of road rage.

The mother and sibling of the deceased child remain in critical condition. The fourth victim, a male, is expected to survive.

One of the children wounded in today’s shooting has died. The child’s sibling and mother were both wounded and remain in critical condition.

The fourth victim, a man unrelated to the mother and children, is expected to survive.

The names of the victims have still not been released.

According to CBS Denver, a person of interest is in custody in relation to the shooting. An area in Castle Rock has been identified as being potentially linked to the shooting.

Two adults and two children have sustained gunshot wounds in the incident, which occurred in the parking lot behind a Westminster dentist’s office near the intersection of 80th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, according to the Denver Post.

Police have yet to determine whether the shooting was targeted or not.

The shooting occurred at approximately 3 p.m. in the Cedar Wood Square office park.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.


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