From the Top, Down

It appears that the lack of accountability and responsibility in the highest officials in our government has trickled down to government employees, as well.

Isn’t it interesting how lower-ranking members of an organization or business tend to follow the lead of their superiors?

A firm run by an individual with high self-respect and a good work ethic tends to attract employees with similar standards.

And when those standards become lax at the top, they’re apparently thrown to the wind at the lower levels.

On Saturday, an off-duty FBI agent was showing off in a Denver, Colorado bar when his service weapon flew out of his holster as he performed a back handspring.

As he attempted to retrieve the weapon, it fired, injuring an unidentified bar patron.

The agent’s identity is yet unknown, as he was not arrested.

It is still unclear if the agent had been drinking at the time of the incident.

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