“The Line of Duty:” Teachers in America

Teachers in New Hampshire will now qualify for a $100,000 “death benefit” if they are killed “in the line of duty.”

The rate of school shooting fatalities among teachers and faculty is so high, that states are now beginning to treat teachers like police officers.

House Bill 1415 will give $100,000 to the families of teachers, full-time, and part-time public school employees if they are killed while working in the state’s schools.

The bill also extends to those working at community colleges and universities.

The death benefit is part of a larger $10 million bill to up security in public schools.

One of the sponsors for the bill was Representative Mary Heath (D-NH), who worked as a school teacher for 42 years before beginning her civic career, and her daughter is a teacher as well.

She wanted to make sure that the families of faculty and staff would be cared for financially should the worst happen.

“I pray to God that we never have to use the death benefit,” — Heath

The most recent school shooting took place just yesterday at a middle school in Noblesville, Indiana, which thankfully resulted in injuries rather than fatalities this time.

That being said, the second-most-recent school shooting occurred a week ago in Santa Fe, Texas, where 10 people were killed including two faculty.

No one died in the Noblesville shooting because science teacher Jason Seaman tackled the yet-unnamed middle-schooler, putting his life on the line for his students.

It should be noted, however, that while Seaman is stable, a female student is still in critical condition following the incident.

Truly, it is amazing and terrifying that we live in a world where a more viable legislative solution to the gun violence epidemic is a death benefit for families who lose their loved one rather than a ban on the machines killing American schoolchildren, teachers, coaches, and staff on a weekly if not daily basis.


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