Executed by Border Patrol

A Rio Bravo, Texas Border Patrol Agent shot an undocumented immigrant in the head and killed her Wednesday.

UPDATED 05/25/18 06:35 P.M. PST: TeleSur has identified the victim as Guatemalan citizen Claudia Patricia Gómez González from San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango.

The agent was reportedly responding to a report of illegal activity when he discovered a group of undocumented immigrants, who apparently attacked the agent using “blunt objects.”

Customs and Border Patrol reported the arrests of three undocumented immigrants following the incident.

In a Facebook Live video, you can hear a woman yelling at the agent:

“Why are you mistreating them? Why are you mistreating them? Why did you (shoot) at the girl? You killed her. He killed the girl. She’s laying there and she’s dead.”

The FBI and Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

You can view the video, uploaded to Facebook by Marta V. Martinez, here.

The video is in Spanish, but you can hear her repeatedly saying that the woman has been shot in the head and that she’s been killed by the Border Patrol Agents.


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