Women Keep Winning

Women won big again in Tuesday’s primary elections in Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas with Georgia candidate Stacey Abrams becoming the first black woman to receive the nomination for governorship from a major party in U.S. history.

Lupe Valdez also made history in Texas by becoming the first openly gay and first Latina candidate to win a major party nomination for the Texas governorship.

Valdez will face off against incumbent Governor Greg Abbott, who has recently come under fire for his lackluster response to a school shooting in Santa Fe last Friday.

Also in Texas, Lizzie Fletcher defeated Laura Moser to win the nomination for the 7th Congressional District, and former Air Force Intelligence Officer Gina Ortiz Jones beat out Rick Treviño for the 23rd Congressional District.

Both Moser and Treviño were backed by the political organization “Our Revolution,” which grew out of the movement to elect Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders to the presidency in 2016, highlighting the ongoing dissension within the Democratic party.

In Kentucky, Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, defeated the former mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray, for Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District. McGrath will face off with incumbent Republican Congressman Andy Barr come November.

Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Virginia all have their primary elections coming up in June, so if you’re a resident of any of those states, make sure you’re registered to vote!



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