Here We Go Again

An active shooting incident is unfolding in Panama City, Florida only four days after the nation’s last mass-shooting.

UPDATE 05/22/18 04:12 P.M. PST: The shooter, identified as Kevin Holroyd, has been “brought down” by law enforcement after they breached the apartment in which he had barricaded himself.

Very few details are currently available, but the incident seems to be contained within an apartment complex in the area.

Witnesses report hearing an excess of 50 gunshots, the first 20 of which were caught on camera by a local news station that was conducting a live interview at the time.

Schools in the area have been put on lockdown and a nearby grocery store has been evacuated as law enforcement works to evacuate residents of the complex.

So far one injury has been reported and local law enforcement has said that this shooting is related to a suspicious death at Santa Rosa Beach, some 40 miles from the current scene.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to cover this situation as it develops.


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