From Fixer to Gatekeeper to Solicitor

Michael Cohen, personal lawyer to the president of the U.S., reportedly asked for $1 million from a former member of the Qatari embassy in return for his “services.”

The entire revelation was triggered Sunday evening, when Michael Avenatti, lawyer to Stephanie Clifford AKA Stormy Daniels, tweeted security footage of the Qatari national, Ahmed al-Rumaihi, and Michael Cohen entering and exiting Trump Tower in December 2016.


Al-Rumaihi, in addition to his former position with the Qatari embassy and government, was the head of a $100 billion wing of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund as well as the founder of Sport Trinity.

He apparently attempted to bribe Steve Bannon while he was serving as the White House chief strategist to gain access.

Qatar has been subjected to blockades by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since June of last year, and the Qataris have been relying on the U.S. government to mediate the situation.

Al-Rumaihi also apparently bragged about having successfully bribed Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor turned felon.

The premise for the meeting between Cohen and Al-Rumaihi was various U.S. infrastructure projects that the Qatari government was considering investing in.

The partnership would have allowed Cohen to tout the president’s success in winning over foreign investors to stimulate the U.S. economy while painting an excellent picture of relations between the U.S. and Qatari governments, which could have afforded the U.S. with an excuse to put pressure on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to lift the blockade.

Cohen reportedly requested the $1 million in return for his help securing these investments, which the Qatari government officially declined.

The revelation comes in addition to the release of documents that show Cohen receiving $4.4 million from various corporations, including AT&T.

For an in-depth report on the unfolding situation, check out The Intercept’s piece “Qatari Investor: Michael Cohen Asked Me for A Million Dollars



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