Transgender Prisoners in U.S. No Longer Protected

The president of the United States announced that he will roll back protections for transgender inmates that allowed them to use the facilities that matched their gender identity, forcing them instead to use facilities matching their genetic sex.

The protections were introduced under the Obama administration, and their repeal has been decried by LGBTQIA individuals and organizations throughout the nation.

The repeal comes after four female Texas inmates filed a lawsuit, claiming that the protections afforded to transgender prisoners put them at a greater risk of rape since they would be sharing facilities with transgender women.

This is just the president’s latest move against the LGBTQIA community and against the transgender community in particular.

The president has attempted to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military; in October of last year his administration announced that federal law banning gender-based discrimination does not protect transgender employees; and in February 2017, the president repealed guidelines that encouraged public schools to allow transgender students to use the facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

The repeal of the protections for transgender inmates means that not only will they be forced to use bathrooms and shower facilities corresponding with their genetic sex, but that they will be housed that way, too.

Meaning that women will be forced to sleep and shower with men and vice versa.

Transgender inmates already face disproportionately high levels of violence and sexual assault, and this decision is likely to increase violence against transgender individuals.


You can read all of the revisions to the “Transgender Offender Manual” here.




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