ICE AGENT: “Too Much Movies”

In San Diego, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer forced open a residential door with a crowbar after telling a residents she’d seen “too much movies” when she asked to see an arrest warrant.

The officers were at the home to arrest 31-year-old Alberto Alonso Hernandez, an undocumented immigrant who had returned to the area to be with his family after being deported.

The incident was caught on film by Hernandez’s 11-year-old daughter on a cell phone, as well as by neighbors who filmed from outside the house.

Brianna Alonso can be heard in the video speaking with a legal assistance hotline and repeatedly asking the officers to see a warrant.

The officers then tell Alonso that she’s been watching “too much movies,” and is mistaken.

“Ma’am, that—you’re watching too much movies. We’ll show you the warrant when we’re done.”

According to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, officers are required to show an arrest warrant to anyone they take into custody “upon their arrest;” a murky timeline, to be sure.

The officers reportedly also shut off electricity to the San Diego home in an effort to force Hernandez to come outside.

You can watch the cell-phone footage from inside the house below.


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