A Wave of Women

Women swept the primary elections Tuesday with female candidates winning 17 of the 20 democratic primaries.

Rachel Crooks won an uncontested primary in Ohio. Crooks is one of at least 19 women who have accused the president of sexual assault.

Former coal baron Don Blankenship was defeated in West Virginia; Blankenship received widespread criticism after airing a commercial in which he attached Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and his “China family.”

In North Carolina, it’s looking increasingly likely that the state will soon welcome its first black sheriff in Durham county.

Clarence Birkhead, who won the Durham county sheriff’s race on a platform of non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had this to say in light of his victory:

“We have to do everything we can possibly do to keep our families together, to not cooperate with ICE. That work starts today. We have to do everything we can possibly do to clean up our jail, to treat individuals who are incarcerated with humanity and dignity, make sure they have the services they need. We’re going to keep our Durham safe, get guns off the street, work together for a new Durham, a safe Durham for everyone.”


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