The Speech We Weren’t Allowed to Hear

The speech given by National Teacher of the Year winner Mandy Manning last week was not recorded or aired by the press, who were blocked from entering the ceremony. However, a friend of Manning’s recorded the speech on a cell phone, which DemocracyNow! aired yesterday.

You can read the transcript of her speech below, or click here to visit DemocracyNow! to listen to and watch the full interview.“I am honored and humbled to be the vehicle through which my students may tell their stories. I am here for David, a future IT specialist who hopes to one day be able to attend university. I am here for Tamara, who is currently studying pre-med at Eastern Washington University. I am here for Safa and Tara, both future elementary school teachers. I am here for Safa—I mean, for Solomon and Gafishi, who believe that the United States is the place where they have found the center of their lives, where they can have dreams and hopes to be someone. You see, my students are immigrants and refugees brand new to our nation. I teach in the Newcomer Center at Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. And all of the students who come through my classroom have three things in common: They are just learning English. They have escaped trauma to find new lives in our nation, and they are focused and determined to be productive citizens of our United States. And most importantly, they succeed.”  – Mandy Manning

To read Iron Triangle Press’ original coverage of the awards ceremony, click here.


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