The President Has Been Holding Out on Us

The health assessment of then-candidate Donald Trump published in 2015 has been revealed to have been dictated by the president himself, and not written by his physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein.

The assessment was released in response to growing concern about the then-candidate’s physical and mental well-being and his ability to endure the physical hardships of the presidency.

Bornstein told CNN yesterday that he did not write a single word of the assessment, and that it was dictated in its entirety to him by the current president.

The revelation comes after Bornstein reported on Tuesday that the president’s body guard, Keith Schiller, raided his offices in February 2017 and took all files and documents relating to the president and his health.

The White House has written this off as standard procedure.

Here is a copy of the original assessment, courtesy of NPR:


Clearly, the president has been holding out on us.

If he can dictate a coherent, if grossly hyperbolic, assessment such as this, why can’t he manage to string together a single grammatically-correct sentence when it actually matters?


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