Personal Compensation Turned Community Funding

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson had a chance to get rich after they were wrongfully arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks last month in an incident of racial profiling.

Instead, the two settled with the city and the company for a symbolic $1 each, using their moment of power and influence to coordinate a $200,000 grant for student entrepreneurs.

According to NPR, the pair also settled a separate settlement with the city and the coffee chain that secured an undisclosed financial sum, as well as the ability to complete their bachelors degrees through an online program created for Starbucks employees in cooperation with Arizona State University.

“We thought long and hard about it, and we feel like this is the best way to see that change that we want to see.”  – Robinson

“Starbucks will continue to take actions that stem from this incident to repair and reaffirm our values and vision for the kind of company we want to be.” – Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson

“Rather than spending time, money, and resources to engage in a potentially adversarial process, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson approached the city and invited us to partner with them in an attempt to make something positive come of this.”  – Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

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