A Nomination Turned Resignation

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the president’s nominee for head of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), has withdrawn his nomination and announced that he will not return to his post as White House physician.

The announcement comes amid a flurry of scandals unearthed during Jackson’s confirmation process that speak to unprofessional and unethical conduct.

The most recent development in Jackson’s saga is courtesy of the vice president’s personal physician, who wrote a series of memos detailing his interactions with Jackson as they worked cooperatively to care for the vice president’s wife, Karen Pence.

The Pence’s personal physician accuses Jackson of violating Karen’s patient privacy rights as well as intimidation.

These accusations are in addition to the already severe charges leveled against Jackson that include the illegal dispensation of prescription medication, drinking while on the job, and fostering a “hostile work environment.

Finally, Jackson has also been accused of repeatedly banging on the door of a female coworker while drunk during an overseas trip in 2015, prompting the intervention of the Secret Service.

The news that Jackson has voluntarily chosen not to return to his position in the wake of these scandals without any provocation has been a breath of fresh air.

After the resistance to resign that was put up by so many of the men exposed by the #MeToo movement, such as former Senator Al Franken and senate-hopeful Roy Moore, it’s been pretty refreshing to watch someone react with proper shame and repentance.


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