Kendrick Lamar Makes History

Kendrick Lamar has made history as the first ever non-classical, non-jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize.

Lamar won the prestigious award for his album DAMN, released in April of last year.

Here’s Lamar speaking about the album after visiting High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, where teacher Brian Mooney uses Lamar’s music in his lessons:

“This album wasn’t made for—I didn’t think I made it for a 16-year-old, you know? So, when a 16-year-old is intrigued by it, it lets me know how so far advanced as a society we actually are, you know? And that inspired me on a whole ‘nother level. I always get people like my parents or, you know, older adults saying, ’This is great. You know, you have a message. You have—you have themes. You have different genres of music.’ But to get a kid actually telling me this, it’s a different type of feeling. I don’t think nobody in the world can belittle, you know, their humor, their smarts, nothing, because they’re highly intelligent. And walking into that classroom, it just proved me right.”


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