Selective Pro-Life Policy

Senator Bob Nonini (R-ID) has burst onto the national stage with his comments advocating for the execution of women who elect to get an abortion.

I don’t even have the patience or the personal fortitude to talk about this for long without devolving into rage and fury and exasperation.

It has long been established that the criminalization of abortion does nothing but increase both fetal and maternal death rates.


Because abortions are essential to the maintenance and expression of female sexuality and female autonomy; women will have an abortion even if it means resorting to a back alley because most societies today still don’t support single or unwed mothers even as they continue to suppress women’s access to preventative measures like sexual education and birth control.

“The feelings of guilt and indecency that surround abortion arise because the very fact of pregnancy attests to having exercised sexuality — a tremendous affront to institutions like the state, law, and religion which seek to control women’s sexual lives.” — The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)

If you don’t give women the resources to avoid unwanted pregnancy (and NO, abstinence is NOT the solution here – don’t even bring it up!) then you will create a society in which women become dependent on one or more systems of support.

If you do that, you can’t demonize those women for that state-created dependency.

You can’t demonize and criminalize them for taking the matters of their own bodies into their own hands.

You made them do it.


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