Cheap Apartments, Loose Regulations, and the Climate Crisis

While the Environmental Protection Agency deals with the fallout of Scott Pruitt’s $50-a-day condo courtesy of lobbyists, they have quietly rolled back Obama-era regulations limiting car tailpipe emissions in yet another blow to the climate movement.

The move includes repealing a mandate that all U.S. cars achieve a 50-mpg standard by 2025. Currently, at least seven environmental groups have filed a joint lawsuit against the EPA over the rollback.

In additional news, despite the fact that over 97% of scientists across the globe agree that climate change is in fact a very real and immediate threat to the survival of our species and virtually every other species on the planet, the EPA has sent a memo to its employees instructing them to use misleading language when discussing climate change and human involvement.

Again, just to clarify, it is the Environmental Protection Agency issuing these rollbacks and memos.

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UPDATE: Novichok in Salisbury

Following the nerve-agent attack on U.K. soil against former Soviet spy Sergei Skripal, the U.S. and Russia have begun expelling one another’s diplomats and closing their respective embassies in an escalation of political tensions.

Relations between the two countries have been confusing at best and contradictory at worst, with the U.S. president congratulating Putin on his reelection one day and hiring anti-Russia John Bolton as national security advisor the next.The United States has moved to expel 60 Russian diplomats in solidarity with the United Kingdom and its NATO allies following the nerve-agent attack against former Soviet spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter on U.K. soil in early March.

The U.S. joins 25 other countries in the expulsion of Russian diplomats, including Australia, Germany, Ukraine, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland.

According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, it is the “largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history,” with more than 135 expelled.

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