Quantifying the Justice System, One Immigrant at a Time

The Department of Justice has announced that it will implement courtroom quotas for immigration cases to speed up deportation.

Immigration judges will be evaluated based on how quickly they close their cases, and will be expected to close 700 cases per year.

It should go without saying that this will be deleterious for our justice system and downright brutal for our country’s immigrant communities.

From ticket and arrest quotas for police departments to detention quotas for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we can see time and time again that these systems turn an already corrupt system of justice into a capitalist enterprise by quantifying law enforcement’s interactions with the public they are meant to protect.

This effectively turns law enforcement agents into bounty hunters, forcing them to shakedown easy targets (primarily black and brown folks) to meet their quotas and keep their jobs.

And of course they would target black and brown people, for two obvious reasons: 1) because of the plethora of police killings of black and brown folks, people of color are more likely to cooperate even if they’ve done nothing wrong in an effort to save their lives, making it easier for a law enforcement officer to successfully issue a wrongful ticket or make a wrongful arrest without compromising themselves; and 2) due to the same reason cited above, people of color are less likely to take action against a wrongful ticket or arrest, and because of our corrupt court systems, even if they were to dispute the charges, they are statistically less likely than their white counterparts to be successful.

In short, this is a blatantly racist decision that will take the U.S. justice system even further into the past and will further endanger the lives of black and brown Americans.




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