The Death of DACA?

The President of the United States has once again called upon the Senate to invoke the “nuclear option” in order to pass stricter immigration laws targeting DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients.

The “nuclear option” would allow a simple majority vote, rather than the mandated three-fifths, to pass legislation.

In an unhinged, uninformed, prejudicial tweet-storm that began on Easter Sunday, also the third day of Passover, showed just how ill-informed our president is on the topic of immigration policy.

In a ridiculous conflation, the president blamed DACA policy for an incoming caravan of Central American asylum-seekers, saying “everyone wants to get on the DACA bandwagon.”

This is an inherently false and misleading statement considering his own administration stopped accepting new applications in September 2017.

Furthermore, even if the ‘nuclear option’ were implemented, the president’s ideal immigration bill still wouldn’t have received the necessary votes to pass — only 39 senators voted for it.

In reality, DACA isn’t dead — yet.

Currently, 15 states and the District of Columbia have sued the current administration over the possible termination of the DACA program.

In January of this year, Judge William Alsup ruled that the current administration must come up with a process to continue to allow the 690,000 DACA recipients to apply for renewals of their work permits.

However, it is still to be determined whether or not Dreamers will ultimately be able to continue applying for renewed DACA status, though recipients can still apply while the lawsuit is pending.



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